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At Yeh! We are painting the franchise world PINK!

At Yeh! we are more than Yogurt – We are Canada’s first self-serve premium frozen yogurt
and café concept. We are dedicated to delivering a unique retail experience to all our customers-with accent on fresh and healthy yogurt products.
The energetic and gutsy Gurman Twins (Jon and Marvin) are co- CEO’s of Yeh! Yogurt and Cafe.
They bring more than 35 years of experience building and marketing brands across North America. They invite you to join them in this tasty adventure. With over 30 retail locations Yeh! is focused on its continued expansion across Canada and the US with stores opened in Montreal, Toronto, Atlantic Canada, New York and Massachusetts as well as expanding Master License Programs in China and the Middle East.
At Yeh!, customers enter an urban cool and welcoming environment where homemade yogurts and a wide assortment of toppings are offered. “We are the Starbucks of the Yogurt business,”
yogurt & cafe says Jon. “When you walk into a Yeh!, the experience is to lounge, you want to spend time there, the atmosphere is very inviting, it’s clean, it’s a lifestyle.” “We are committed to staying ahead of the competition by constantly researching and developing new products, as well as creating an unsurpassed customer experience.” Yeh! is a lifestyle brand built on three distinct pillars:

1. Fresh Ingredients: Our products are homemade and contain natural ingredients
2. Healthy Living: We promote an active lifestyle
3. Creative Thinking: Our flavors and toppings inspire personal creations Customers delight themselves with an ever-evolving offering of self-serve frozen yogurt plus a wide variety of toppings and homemade complementary products including crepes, waffles, shakes, smoothies, smores and specialty coffees. We also offer Yeh! product’s to go. Price is determined by weight.

Franchise with Yeh!

Our #1 priority is to help our Yeh! franchisee’s succeed. We select motivated individuals who will proudly embrace the Yeh! brand.

As a Yeh! Franchise owner, you benefit from the following:

• Organization with a proven business model
• Training and ongoing franchise support
• Strong network of providers/suppliers
• Economies of scale
• Locally tailored marketing plans
• In-store promotional material
• Social media marketing
• Real estate location assistance

We offer single, multi area and master franchise opportunities. “It’s a total team effort. They’re on board; we’re on board. Franchisees are our most important asset, their success is our success. We love our
franchisees,” adds Jon.


360 Degree Franchise Support System We have developed a comprehensive training program that will prepare every franchisee to operate their Yeh! retail business. Yeh! Franchisees receive full training and the opportunity to work hands-on in a corporate store while their shop is being built. Once the store is up
and running, training crews are sent intothe store to work alongside new owners for a few weeks to ensure through training in all aspects of the job.

Training is currently offered at Yeh! headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, and in the GTA of Ontario where we cover the following:

• Store operation
• Supplies and Inventory
• Customer Service
• Product Information
• Equipment Knowledge
• Business Management & Accounting
• Marketing, Advertising & Branding
• Human Resources – Hiring and Employee Management


We provide the latest marketing materials and social media campaigns to drive traffic to the Yeh! retail store. This includes:

• In store promotional material
• Interior and exterior signage
• Seasonal and holiday promotions
• Regional campaigns

We assist with local advertising and marketing campaigns and spearhead programs directed at local events, charities, sports teams, camps and universities.


Regardless of whether you are interested in a street front, retail center, or indoor shopping mall location, we will assist you in designing and building an ideal store environment. Each of our locations
incorporates the distinct Yeh! look: vibrant colors, modern materials, illuminated counters and signature seating. Our designs are flexible enough to adapt to any space and size.
Our ideal franchise candidates are outgoing, community minded and entrepreneurial.
A minimum availability of $110k to $150k in liquid capital is required in order to be considered for this opportunity.

Minimum total investment:
Kiosk 150 to 200 square feet – $200K to $250K
Inline store 600 to 1500 square feet – $280K to $350K

Contact Yeh!
For more information,
email: [email protected]