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We recently added several new products to our Pop Up displays product line. Our reseller network is now able to
purchase several new, larger Pop Ups, in three product lines which feature higher-quality improvements.

Pop Up Straight Fabric products utilize easy-to-snap aluminum criss-cross frames, and are available as table displays and floor-standing models in six sizes from 2.5’ x 2.5’ to 12.2’ x 7.4’. All models are available with or without sides, and printed on Multisol® X FR, a wrinkle-free, opaque-knitted polyester with a slight stretch.

The Pop Up Curved Fabric line utilizes curved aluminum criss-cross frames to create an inviting feeling at trade shows. Featuring four floor-standing displays in sizes from 5’ x 7.4’ to 12.2’ x 7.4’, and a 7.4’ x 5’ table display model, these displays are available with or without sides, and printed on Multisol® X FR.

The newest Pop Up displays addition, Pop Up Magnet displays use magnets to connect the frame, and hooks on top of printsto make it easier to line up panels. The print also connects magnetically, and is printed on PVC Opaque 20ml; a high-impact strength PVC that’s lightweight and tear resistant. Find these and other advertising displays at: