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Transition can always be a difficult thing. A new way of life, a change in routine, an adjustmentit’s all a part of life and finding new ways to ease into that transition can make all the difference.

The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) and the Department of National Defence recognized the need for a stronger support system for our country’s veterans. After serving with the Armed Forces, a lot of veterans retire and would like to work as civilians but are not sure where to begin their career or how to go  about establishing a trade outside of the military.

Franchising is a great opportunity for veterans who would like to reenter the work force and the CFA is an establishment that helps ease that process. The CFA programs offers access to franchises with specific discounts and incentives for honourably discharged members of Canadian Forces who are interested in reentering the workforce through franchises.

Franchise ownership is not the only opportunity for members, but there is access to employment in franchise head offices and actual franchise locations themselves.

Becoming a franchisee allows veterans to adjust to their new life at home and identify as civilians without the high pace pressure of a regular job. It provides an opportunity to be successful within in your own community while maintaining a work life balance. Plus veterans can use their skills achieve through the military and apply them in the franchising world.

Discipline, leadership and commitment are both applicable to the forces and franchising operations. As a means to thank veterans for their service to the country, some franchises offer special discounts and incentives exclusive to forces members.

Lice Squad

Lice Squad is a leading franchise in Canada that works with parents and kids to help eliminate lice by offering products and services with the newest technology. Lice Squad offers franchisees
a work life balance that is extremely flexible; they will help create a schedule around other jobs.

Their products help create healthier and safer communities at a low investment cost. In fact, Canadian Forces members who have been honourably discharged receive a 10 per cent discount initial
franchise fee, royalty free period for six months and a 15 per cent discount fee on start up inventory products.

Lice Squad offers training and services to franchise candidates with ongoing one-on-one support. Veterans can begin a new career for themselves, but with constant support to provide assurance and comfort in their new position.

It is an award winning company that provides pesticide free-products to Canadian citizens since 2002. The company’s mission is to end the stigma associated with head lice, while also providing a safe a healthy environment to its customers.

UPS Store

One of the most recognized name brands across the nation is UPS. Everyone knows the little brown truck for its substantial customer service. Those interested in working with UPS are automatically associated with a well-known brand that has a credible marketing strategy and list of customers. UPS works with individual cases and has established business customers, creating an immediate demand the moment someone becomes a franchisee.

Veterans save $10,000 in franchise fees of a new UPS store location to help transition from military life to a civilian workforce, as well as 50 per cent off application fees.

UPS recognizes the services and sacrifices of our military and provides offers exclusive to veterans to thank them for everything they have provided for our country. Due to the reputation associated with UPS, their company offers franchisees an easy transition, support and a huge clientele making it easy for new business owners.

Tim Hortons

There is not much else more Canadian than the Tim Hortons logo. Most Canadians attend every event, every hockey game and every family outing with a Timmies in one hand. In fact they are located every ten feet in some cities, but yet the drive thru is out on the road no matter how many Tim’s are in town.

A veteran can return home and establish a well-recognized part of the Canadian culture and continue to stay true the traditions of this country. Tim Horton’s recognizes a strong work ethic established by Canadian military and believes skills acquired in the forces will be essential to the franchising system.

With ongoing support, an established brand and a huge customer base, Tim Horton already connects with the majority of Canadians daily. It’s become a solid part of our country’s foundation and has expanded to other corners of the world. Franchises are in high demand, while profits differ by location, it’s estimated that one location can generate a return of 16-20 per cent.

Tim Hortons holds a special place in a lot of military force member’s hearts, after an outlet opened in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2006 as the first outlet at a deployed mission. The company wanted to give troops a taste from home and thank them for their service.

One of North America’s largest real estate marketing franchises, has created a successful company over the last 15 years. They pride themselves on treating their franchisees like their customers and provide them with the best training to help owners perform at the highest level. Property Guys offers a unique opportunity to veterans and recognizes their specific needs in the workforce. The veterans discount option is only offered to six locations a year.

Veteran franchisees get special oneon- one mentorship with ex-military personal that are also franchise owners. Only someone who has experienced serving the country first hand can relate to a veteran new to the business. A mentor is available 24/7 for business related questions and life after the military for a unique and personal support system.

The real estate company offers six months royalty and service fee free to help ease the worry at the beginning of ownership, it will also allow franchisees to build an initial inventory of customers to help get employees off on the right foot.

Property will give $5000 cash back on the day a veteran graduates from the University, the weeklong training program offered at the home office location.
A wide variety of franchises are available on the CFA website that offer many different discount and speak to many diverse interests of veterans while considering the many skills acquired in service.

Through The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) and the Department of National Defence, discharged military can access a new life and a new jobM that takes advantage of the many skills acquired in the forces. Veterans can now be civilians and help develop their community and serve the people of their country in a whole new way.

Just a few more Members of the CFA Veterans program also include:
• 4 Pillars
• Aussie Pet Mobile
• Bark Busters
• Beavertails
• Bioped
• Canada Home Inspections
• Cap it
• Comfort Keepers
• Driverseat
• Glam n Glow
• Glamour Secrets
• Good Earth
• Home Instead Senior Care
• Home Watch Caregivers
• In Express
• La Prep
• Lemon Heaven
• Lice Squad
• Lunch Lady
• Messy Maid
• Midas
• Pizza Hut
• Pizza Nova
• Practicar
• Property Guys
• Quiznos
• Relish
• Second Cup
• Shamrock Burgers
• Speedpro Signs
• Taylor & Colt
• The Gardner
• The UPS Store
• Tim Hortons
• Tiny Hoppers
• Tradesecrets
• Two men and a Truck
• Velofix

Gina GillGina Gill is a Freelance writer for Canadian Franchising. After receiving an English Degree, followed by a Journalism Diploma, Gina became a freelance journalist in 2008. She has worked as a reporter and in communications, focusing on social media. She currently works as a community information officer with Epilepsy Society, while simultaneously pursuing her writing career.
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