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Tutor Doctor Unveils New Corporate Logo and Slogan

Tutor Doctor Unveils New Corporate Logo and Slogan

Tutor Doctor, the world’s fastest growing one-to-one in-home private tutoring franchise, has unveiled a refreshed logo and slogan, signifying a new era of the company that coincides with its rapid world expansion.

The new logo features solid black and red tints to replace its old purple and light green color scheme with an academic cap. In addition, the logo features a hand turning on a light to a student’s mind with a new slogan, How learning hits home, to signify Tutor Doctor’s forward-thinking, positive mentality in the comfort of a student’s home.

“Our new logo better exemplifies who we are as a company and what we strive to achieve,” said Frank Milner, President of Tutor Doctor. “We aim to create comfortable learning environments for our students and help them explore deep depths of their minds to help them accomplish things they never thought they would ever be capable of.”

Tutor Doctor’s new company logo and slogan will be implemented immediately at its more than 500 franchised territories across 16 countries. With 65 new territories opening in the latter half of 2017, the refreshed Tutor Doctor image will be a staple in nearly 600 communities by the start of 2018.

The company will continue to provide its state of the art services, including its “X-Skills” program, where tutors act as guides to help students generate game plans for achieving academic goals and assist in the development of tailored and stylized systems for students. Game plans consist of 11 X-Skills, including task initiation and follow through, working memory, sustained attention and inhibition of impulses. Students who perfect these skills early on will have greater success in STEM courses and meeting additional life goals.

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With more than 500 territories in 16 countries, Tutor Doctor was named the No. 1 In-Home Tutoring Franchise by in 2016. Founded as an alternative to the “one-to-many” teaching model most extra-curricular learning centers offer, Tutor Doctor provides a personalized one-to-one, in-home tutoring service to students of all ages. Now with offices internationally, the Tutor Doctor vision is becoming a reality, positively impacting students and their families worldwide. For more information on Tutor Doctor and franchise opportunities, visit or