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Tubz Vending Franchise Expands into Canada

Gary Kirton Master Franchisee Tubz Vending Canada

British vending machine franchisor Tubz Brands is expanding into Canada for the first time. The leading vending tower franchisor in the UK is expanding into Canada by setting up a master franchise in Calgary. Mr Gary Kirton will be the master franchisee, with full control of the Tubz Vending franchising activities within Canadian borders. He will be the representative of the Tubz brand in Canada, will recruit franchisees to operate across the country and he will supply them from his base in Calgary.

Managing director of Tubz Europe, Ramon Baudoin, who helped set up the Canadian master franchise, commented:

“Tubz is expanding into Canada and is expecting thousands of machines to be sited within Canada in the next few years, thus spreading the network of Tubz all over the world.”

Mr. Kirton’s master franchise is now operational as of January 2017, with an initial order of 100 vending machines to be placed around the Calgary area.

Tubz have launched a new website for the Canadian market, which can be found at It contains information about how a Tubz vending franchise works and how potential franchisees can get involved.

Mr. Kirton has also agreed to donate a share of Tubz Canada’s profits to Starlight children’s charity in Canada, the Canadian branch of the charitable organization that Tubz Brands UK works with already.

The creation of the Tubz Canada master franchise follows recent expansion into continental Europe and Australia.

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Image: Gary Kirton, Master Franchisee, Tubz Vending Canada

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