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The power of inclusivity and diversity in a franchise system

As we all increasingly recognise the importance of inclusivity and diversity, businesses and educational institutions must rise to the occasion to create environments where everyone is valued and celebrated for their talents. At Stagecoach Performing Arts, these principles are not just buzzwords but core values that guide its franchise system, teaching methods and interactions with students, parents and teachers. Here, Stagecoach’s Global Teacher Training & Development Manager Rob Anderson discusses the importance of investing in a franchise where diversity and inclusion are woven into its fabric.

The significance of diversity and inclusion cannot be understated in a franchise system, as they embody distinct yet intertwined principles. The diversity of a franchise encompasses the gender, race, nationality, sexuality and more of its franchisees, customers and wider network. On the other hand, inclusion covers the depth of how effectively diverse groups’ voices, contributions and viewpoints are embraced.

While a franchise system may be diverse in terms of its representation, its true strength and effectiveness come to fruition when it transcends surface-level diversity. When all perspectives – regardless of origin – are acknowledged, valued, empowered and seamlessly integrated, mere diversity transforms into genuine and meaningful inclusion.

With this in mind, when considering investing in a franchise, you should see that the franchise’s diversity and inclusion values go far beyond face value. A franchise that genuinely embraces diversity and inclusion is one that actively transforms these concepts into concrete actions and operational practices. At Stagecoach, we embody this commitment through a comprehensive framework called ‘The Stagecoach Way’. Last year, ‘The Stagecoach Way’ was transformed into a book for franchisees and head office staff. The book captures the essence of our business and the philosophy, ethos and processes that define our work across the performing arts – empowering our franchisees to run their schools with our shared Stagecoach culture and values.

Beyond implementing operational practices, it is crucial for diversity and inclusion to be evident in the franchise’s customer-facing operations. Recognising the diverse backgrounds and needs of customers plays a vital role in establishing strong and enduring relationships. By embracing these values in customer interactions through tailoring products, services and communications to suit different demographics, franchises create a welcoming and inclusive environment – ensuring every customer feels respected and understood. Extending diversity and inclusion to the customer-facing aspects of a franchise will enhance your customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth and reputation for being a socially responsible and forward-thinking business as a franchisee.

In our Stagecoach franchise system, we understand the crucial role of diversity and inclusion in the interactions with our most vital stakeholders – the thousands of students who attend our classes across the world every week. This is why our inclusive practices are woven into our teaching methods. We ensure this through our Educational Framework which is shared with all schools in the Stagecoach community. This framework aims to empower every student, regardless of their background, enabling them to flourish and contribute authentically to their learning journey.

At the heart of Stagecoach is a global community of students united by their shared love for the nurturing and welcoming environment fostered by our Principals and teachers. Our regular teacher training programmes ensure our teachers embrace their students for who they are without the need to adapt to fit in. As educators and leaders, we recognise each child’s unique talents and capacities – even if they are not immediately apparent – and help bring them to the surface.

During a recent musical production, a neurodiverse learner was in the leading role. How the student absorbed and followed directions resulted in them completely embodying the part. As educators and for our fellow students, witnessing the impact of embracing these diverse viewpoints was incredibly inspiring, showcasing how such inclusivity can lead to remarkable results and further demonstrating how the concept of talent, ability and potential knows no bounds in terms of age, race, gender, sexuality or physical ability. We understand that qualities come in diverse forms, and we consistently tailor our teaching and casting to suit the learners in front of us. It is a commitment we are proud of that permeates every facet of our operations – from our training initiatives at Head Office to our students in the classroom and the people we look to bring into our organisation.

As a potential investor in a franchise, evaluating whether its recruitment practices actively embrace applicants from diverse backgrounds is essential. In fact, these practices might be the very reason you find yourself seated across from them. While it is important for these values to be upheld with customers, the level of transparency shown in the recruitment process – where they not only extend invitations but genuinely embrace candidates from various walks of life – can be a powerful indicator of the franchise’s dedication to nurturing a diverse network. At Stagecoach, our employment opportunities actively encourage people from all walks of life – irrespective of background or identity – to apply. As a result, we cultivate an inclusive and inviting environment – ensuring that every potential candidate feels welcomed and valued.

The franchise’s commitment to inclusivity demonstrates its understanding of the value that perspectives and ideas from a wide range of people bring to the table. This awareness underscores the pivotal role diversity plays in shaping a successful network and business, making it clear that embracing differences is not just a social responsibility but a strategic advantage as well.

By aligning with a franchise that embraces diversity and inclusion in every aspect of its operations, you align yourself with a network where you, your peers and your customers are celebrated and respected. In this era when conversations and learning around diversity and inclusion continue to progress, your investment in a franchise that champions these values becomes a beacon of positive change. It underscores your recognition of the transformative potential that lies within diverse voices and perspectives. Ultimately, it is a decision that goes beyond financial gains, radiating its impact in the form of a more accepting and open-minded future for all.


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