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Payday Lending Franchise Advances Everyone’s Expectations!


A fast-growing financial services franchise that is taking the Canadian market by storm is looking for franchisee’s who will continue to help them stand apart from the competition by advancing everyone’s expectations.


In operation since 2006, PAY2DAY has built its reputation right from the start by being a responsible and compassionate company treating its clients and franchisees with the respect and integrity that they deserve. PAY2DAY’s core values are “EPIC” (Excellence through Passion, Innovation and Collaboration) said co-founder and president Nelson Belchior during a recent interview with Canadian Franchising.


Our franchisees enjoy and benefit from our constant drive to lead this financial industry down the ever expanding FinTech environment, Belchior noted. Customers who use their service benefit from their constant drive to improve how they get access to their money while removing friction as much as possible, as PAY2DAY prides itself on having the highest standards and is leading the way like no other company in the industry.


“Lending people a little bit of money can make a huge difference in their lives”, the PAY2DAY president said. These people have found themselves with a short term cashflow need and don’t want their financial institution of choice making assumptions or judgements about their lives, that’s not our business, but providing them a great service is!


Putting People First

Belchior pointed to many small things that add up to making a big difference between PAY2DAY and its competitors.


PAY2DAY has leading edge proprietary software and an App, which is backed up by a 24 hour customer service operation providing customers access the service anytime they need.


Another small difference the customers with PAY2DAY enjoy is the use of existing technology to send texts and email as an alternative point of contact, as some customers would prefer to not receive phone calls from their lender.


PAY2DAY systems empower their franchisees so they can be flexible with customer repayments. This allows for the customer to relax and feel at ease. Aside from the government regulations, which everyone has to follow, franchisees are free to work with clients to help them through the tough times in their lives.


“Other companies say ‘I’m sorry that happened, but this is our policy,’ and we say: ‘I’m sorry that happened, let’s figure this out and give you the flexibility you need’,” Belchior explained.


Another source of convenience is PAY2DAY’s ability to truly lend money online. While some of PAY2DAY’s competitors say they offer online loans, they just end up sending people to their stores because they haven’t developed the same infrastructure to handle a 24/7 online operation. PAY2DAY has 24-hour customer service available at all times so the customer can get access to their money any day of the year.


This dedication to customer service and convenience has garnered a lot of positive feedback from customers for the franchise, Belchior added.

Going Above and Beyond

PAY2DAY is dedicated to providing its franchisees with world class service and profitability, not only through ongoing support and drive for better technology but also by creating a valuable, recognizable and cutting-edge financial services brand.


PAY2DAY has worked to become a world class financial services provider since its inception in 2006. The expert management team at PAY2DAY is second to none in the space which is evident in every quant or measure available. PAY2DAY prides itself on advancing expectations while continuing to build mutually beneficial relationships everywhere.


“The important thing is we’re always trying to build a mutually beneficial relationship, where by when you win! We win!” Belchior noted.

Looking for Great Partners to Grow our Franchise with

PAY2DAY was originally launched in 2006 as a vehicle to offer small loans over the internet. Two years later, recognizing a need, the company opened its first storefront branch in Brampton, Ontario.


Currently, the franchise has 30 locations across Canada with 25 franchises and five corporate locations.


The majority of PAY2DAY’s existing locations are in Ontario with two located in British Columbia; However, the company has many locations available for franchising all over the country. The company has plans to expand to other provinces such as Nova Scotia and others over the next few years.


PAY2DAY is looking to expand both its corporate and its franchise locations across the country. To accomplish this, they’re looking for franchisees who don’t just have the financial wherewithal to open a Financial services store, but who are ready to serve a vast and growing customer base.


Once a franchisee is on board, they will receive ongoing training and support. Franchisees are encouraged to learn the business in a store front and classroom setting but due to the extensive and thorough support provided, Franchisees need to dedicate little time to their location and are better suited to the accounting and statement ends of the business. Franchisees have access to a district manager who oversees and coaches our corporate and franchised stores ongoing. Plus, the company handles hiring and training initiatives, provides buildout and site selection and everything else a franchisee requires to open turn key.


“We’re a phone call away when they have a question,” Belchior said.


Currently, only about 10% of Canadians use a financial service lender for a Payday Loan, Belchior noted, but about half of all Canadians are living paycheque-to-paycheque, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for this space to grow.


With its focus on respect and treating both customers and franchisees right, PAY2DAY’s expansion plans are likely to see it grow worldwide in the near future.

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