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Fancy managing a successful business from home? The Seasons could be the franchise for you

This fantastic business is only ‘One day per week and manage your business from home and make a smart return on low initial investment – Upto $35,000 after expenses annual net profit (One day).

These are the average incomes from UK operations. Even better, once you’re established, that could increase to
$70,000 for two days a week. Only 40 customers every 3 months will generate this profit

• Huge demand for art classes in our market

• Opportunity to reinvest in second franchise after a qualifying period

• The Seasons can be operated in conjunction with other business work or family commitments.

For some people, this could be a standalone business; for others, a perfect second income offering a substantial earnings boost for your family.

The Seasons Art Class is a proven franchise in the UK for 10 years, where there are now over 125 branches
teaching over 4800 students every week, The Seasons has been growing throughout Europe, and is now coming to Canada. But what is it?

Building relationships

‘The Seasons is a step-by-step art class, a place for students to discover themselves, learn techniques in a range of media and develop their skills in a sociable, relaxed setting,’ says Mike. ‘We create an uplifting environment and show people they are capable of achieving things they didn’t think possible. Our students are only with us for 3 hours per week, but very quickly decide that this is their “me time” and won’t let anything get in their
Classes are run once a week at venues such as church and community halls, with each course lasting 14 weeks. ‘We
have lots of students that return for a second or third course (averaging 50%), forming a habit and developing their skills each time. The curriculum changes every three months, so there’s always something new to learn.’

And the Seasons Art Class is as much about social time as the art for many students, with weekday classes appealing to men and women who aren’t going out to work — many retired, and others stay-at-home parents. ‘There’s a real community feel between the students, and our franchisees and tutors work hard\ to build relationships and connections with everyone, which is part of why they keep coming back.’

The best thing I’ve ever done

Sarah Eames, who owns a Seasons franchise in England, describes the opportunity as, ‘Quite simply, the best thing I’ve ever done to get myself a worthwhile and profitable lifestyle business. All the systems and processes have been thoroughly worked through.’

Start small, with option to build big fast

The Seasons franchisees dedicate one day a week to be present and engaged in their class, with a few hours of business administration at home. They employ a qualified art tutor to run the class, and act as a classroom assistant themselves, so no art experience is necessary.

Initial franchise training covers the process for running classes, managing the business side of things, basic art upskilling and terminology, and the importance of marketing on a local basis. ‘We take care of national advertising
and logistics such as finding the space and training the tutor so you can focus on being the backbone of the group,’
says Mike. ‘Your role is to support the students and tutor, be visible as the owner of the business, and deal with set-up, pack-down and refreshments to fuel the budding artists.

Managed from home, excellent income potential

We have proven profit margins of 35,000 per year after expenses for one day per week based on just 40 students per course, and the limited time commitment means franchisees can easily grow their business by buying a second or third franchise, running another day of classes and doubling or trebling the rewards.

‘The great thing about this business is that it is very straightforward with no overheads, and very limited inventory, so being a business owner can be very relaxed and simple, or it can be the starting point to build your empire!’

Change your life

The Seasons has identified key areas with nice venues available throughout Canada. ‘We’re ready to appoint franchisees in all areas right now’ Mike says. Very low investment for an area franchise $39,995 plus tax which ensures your exclusive area.

‘We’re looking for well-organised people who are big on interacting and connecting with others. We will provide
the training and everything else you need to succeed—you don’t have to be an artist yourself, just share the enthusiasm for being creative. ‘If this sounds like you, give me a call and see how a part-time business could change your life.’

The Seasons Art Class
Contact Lori Karpman at
514-481-2722 or [email protected]