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Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette Launched in Canada in 2023 to Much Success, Prepares for Continued Growth in 2024 and Beyond

With three locations open, one more to go in 2023, and another dozen already in the pipeline to open in 2024, Paris Baguette is on track to explode in the Canadian market, establishing cafés coast to coast.


After opening our first Canada location earlier this year, Paris Baguette has taken off in the country, seeing strong demand from prospective franchisees and guests alike. As a global brand with over 4,000 units, we’re well-known around the world, and the Paris Baguette team has developed a strong growth strategy that has already proven itself in the U.S. Now, we’re applying similar logic to bring the local bakery café back to Canada.



Paris Baguette offers something truly unique, making all of our breads, cakes and pastries in-house daily. In addition to fresh-baked goods, Paris Baguette offers craft coffees, wholesome grab-and-go options and an opportunity to relax and indulge in a truly community-centric space. With a welcoming layout, bright colors and what some have referred to as food theater throughout the cafés, Paris Baguette brings so much more to the community than just the newest place to pick up a bread, cake or pastry.


For many Canadians, this isn’t an experience that is easily accessible. We’re on a mission to change that. 


A Meaningful Launch in 2023

When Paris Baguette opened our first Canada location at Yonge and Sheppard earlier this year, we saw a flood of demand from all directions. Prospective owners who had their eyes on the Paris Baguette opportunity before we even entered Canada were thrilled, restaurant owners looking to branch out saw great potential in the model, and guests were blown away by the refreshing take on the local bakery café that Paris Baguette offers. 


Soon, we had another two locations open in Southpark on Whyte and Newmarket East, and there is a fourth slated to launch before the end of the year. Similarly, this year alone, Paris Baguette has hit double digits with 10 franchise agreements signed. The brand is also targeting 10 new cafés to open in 2024.


Seeing this level of demand from the brand’s first entry to the country has created an incredible foundation for future growth, and it is a strong indicator of the success we will see in the coming years. Notably, though, Paris Baguette’s expansion will not be solely attributed to consumer and franchisee demand; a strategic development plan molded by the corporate team is allowing us to double down and make the most of the warm welcome.


Paris Baguette’s Careful Planning

Mirroring the same growth strategy that drove Paris Baguette to explode across the U.S. in a matter of years, growth in Canada is focused on establishing Paris Baguette cafés in major lifestyle centers and high-traffic areas to build a strong foundation for word to spread and help additional cafés have strong launches.


Notably, Paris Baguette is also opening corporate-owned cafés in Canada, further demonstrating our own confidence in and commitment to developing the market. This will allow us to experience the market firsthand and better understand any challenges new franchisees might be navigating. Growing side-by-side with our franchisees only strengthens the brand name in Canada and propels us forward even more quickly, while working as true partners with franchisees, sharing a mission, vision and goal.



Currently, we’re honed in on the Greater Toronto Area for growth. With great proximity to the northeast U.S., where we’ve already established a strong presence, residents of the GTA know Paris Baguette well, and they’re excited to see us enter their own neighborhoods. Better yet, because the GTA is so diverse and serves as a major hub in Canada, cafés here will have an ideal placement to serve international guests and create an impression that can be carried to other countries or even continents.


Working hand-in-hand with our development strategy are the insights and plans of all departments throughout the Paris Baguette system. While careful franchise development is crucial to growth, it is the work of the marketing, research and development, operations and franchisee support teams that allow the system to run as smoothly as it does, empowering franchisees and unit-level team members to uphold the Paris Baguette name. With consistent menu innovation, ongoing franchisee training, and operational updates that work to streamline and enhance the experience for everyone, Paris Baguette has built a service and support reputation just as strong as that of its baked goods.


Paris Baguette Has Its Sights Set on the 100-Unit Mark

After an encouraging launch in Canada, we are eyeing the 100-unit mark in the country by 2030, and the Canadian market and Paris Baguette model are proving to be a great match. Canada is incredibly diverse, and Paris Baguette has something for everyone; breads, cakes and pastries, in one form or another, are universal across many cultures.


Canadian guests have already demonstrated their love for the brand, and our open locations are seeing traffic and revenue trends that are impressive, to say the least. As we continue to grow, we’re looking to partner with franchisees who are passionate about bringing the sought-after experience and Paris Baguette quality to their own communities and becoming the go-to community bakery café in the area.