Topper's Pizza Event

Topper’s Pizza, based out of Sudbury, Ontario, recently announced a Multi-Pizzeria deal in the Richmond Hill area of Ontario. Sam Marticelli, the new franchisee with Topper’s Pizza who has a signed agreement to bring three locations to Richmond Hill, is originally from Sicily, Italy, and moved to Canada in 1967.

Marticelli’s background is in sales, which he did successfully for a number of years before a 10-year stint in the construction industry.

Marticelli returned to his sales background in 2010, while tapping into his entrepreneurial spirit he created his own business called Celeste Jewelry, named after his wife, Celestina. Always interested in business development, Marticelli began looking for additional business options. He was particularly interested in the restaurant segment because of his deep-rooted passion for food and to leave a legacy for his two sons, Antonio and Michael. He chose Topper’s Pizza specifically for their commitment to family and the incredible growth potential of the brand.
Topper’s Pizza is one of Canada’s most popular pizza brands. The company began franchising in 1992. Topper’s Pizza currently has 37 pizzerias throughout Ontario



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