The Bone & Biscuit Company, a Canadian boutique pet food & supply retail franchise specializing in organic and raw food products, has announced its expansion into the Ontario market with eight new stores in production for 2018-2019.

GuelphHamiltonEtobicoke, and Oakville locations are projected to open their doors to Ontario consumers on or before November 1st, 2018. Four additional stores will be joining the system in 2019 including two in TorontoMississauga and Vaughan.

“We’re receiving an overwhelming amount of inquiries in support of our Ontario expansion. At the current rate, I would anticipate opening at minimum 5 stores per calendar year in the Ontario market alone,” said Lee Drescher, Director and Founder.

Breaking in to the Ontario market required extensive planning phases and procedural development as the burgeoning pet food franchise model has seen rapid growth since launching its first location in 2008. Today, there are thirty-nine Bone & Biscuit stores across BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

“We have a considerable amount of knowledge coming into our infrastructure that is helping us grow,” Drescher says. “As an organization, we have a lifestyle and philosophy that we want to preserve as well and although growth is important we want to control it.”

For Drescher, his focus on organic growth aligns with the ethos of the organization. From the thoroughly vetted quality of product offerings to thoughtful and modern retail space design, the Bone & Biscuit Company engages its values from every angle.

Health conscious pet owners are nothing new to the west coast, and Drescher sees the preference for natural alternatives gaining ground in Ontario. With the procurement of convenient retail spaces anchored to national grocery chains, quick and full-service restaurants, gas service and liquor stores, the Bone & Biscuit is sure to leave a strong paw print in eastern Canada.

About the Bone & Biscuit Company
The Bone & Biscuit Company is a boutique pet food and supplies retail franchise with 30+ locations in Canada. As an independent, organic-focused provider of natural foods, artisan baked goods, homeopathic treatments, toys, and accessories for cat and dog pets, the Bone & Biscuit offers health-conscious pet owners a specialized shopping experience.
The Bone & Biscuit Company Expands To Ontario With 8 New Stores By 2019

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