Sherpa Kids Event

Dee & Julia, Country Master Franchise owners of Sherpa Kids Canada, have recently attended the Canadian Association of Principals Conference held in Whistler BC May 12 – 15 2015.

This was the first brand ‘outing’ for Sherpa Kids, and an opportunity to connect with over 350 principals from across the country. Sherpa Kids Canada was able to meet personally with many principals and vice principals to share Sherpa Kids unique approach to out of school care, such as:

  • Each program is locally owned and operated by a franchisee
  • structured routine for children in the after school component
  • Sherpa Kids takes care of all enrolments and payments
  • Ensuring each program meets local childcare licensing regulations
  • Creating revenue for schools through rent payments (where applicable)

Principals were happy to share their ‘story’ about their existing out of school care arrangements, their aspirations for future arrangements, and mostly how consistency for a program would enhance their school. Sherpa Kids are able to offer systematic service delivery, across its brand for a national system, but being locally operated by someone in the community.

Sherpa Kids Canada will attend the 2016 conference, held in New Brunswick, where we can continue to share our ‘story’ with school Principals across the country.


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