Tutor Doctor, the leader in one-to-one private tutoring, closed out 2020 with a handful of new program offerings that were launched to aid students in their transition from in-person to distance learning. As a result of the pandemic, the education system found itself turning to new resources to succeed, and Tutor Doctor repurposed its online tutoring offerings, along with building out two robust programs: pod tutoring and homeschooling.

These programs were built on the principle of being safe, structured learning environments that take the onus off parents whose children need supplemental learning options or supervision during the school week. The programs will continue into the new year, offering additional revenue streams to its franchisees systemwide. In addition to program development, Tutor Doctor also launched a global tutor share program in response to the pandemic, which allows franchisees across the system to share tutors for online tutoring lessons, allowing them to take on more clients as demand increased.

“Across the board, 2020 was a year that stressed the need for innovation and collaboration like never before – and that push has benefitted Tutor Doctor in a great way,” said Frank Milner, president of Tutor Doctor. “Now, in 2021, we will be able to support students in their studies with more resources and programs that continue to be customized to their needs – all while continuing aggressive growth efforts internationally.”

In the past year, the franchise has welcomed 46 new franchisees, and awarded more than 70 new units, bringing the brand footprint to over 700 units across 15 countries – most recently opening its first territory in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This growth is expected to continue into the new year, as Tutor Doctor looks to sign 80 units in 2021. The brand is focused on propelling their international growth, looking to break into two new international markets, while also developing further in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia and South Africa. 

“This year, across the globe, parents have stepped into the role of educator and seen how critical it is to their students emotional and physical intelligence – but also how challenging the job can be,” Milner said. “Prospective franchisees are often looking to partner with brands that make a positive difference in people’s lives. With a mission to not only boost students’ academic performance, but also their self-confidence, Tutor Doctor resonates with so many entrepreneurs. Our promise is to continue customizing and enhancing our toolkit to be the best educational resource available to students and lifelong learners.”

For more information on Tutor Doctor and its franchise opportunity, visit www.tutordoctor.com or www.tutordoctoropportunity.com.

About Tutor Doctor With more than 700 territories in 15 countries, Tutor Doctor was named the No. 1 In-Home Tutoring Franchise by Entrepreneur.com in 2016. Founded as an alternative to the “one-to-many” teaching model most extra-curricular learning centers offer, Tutor Doctor provides a personalized one-to-one, in-home and online tutoring service to students of all ages. Now with offices internationally, the Tutor Doctor vision is becoming a reality, positively impacting students and their families worldwide. With the belief that all students can achieve academic success through two components – academic foundation building and academic discipline – Tutor Doctor will continue to lead the private tutoring industry. For more information on Tutor Doctor, please visit www.tutordoctor.com. To find out about franchise opportunities, please visit, www.tutordoctoropportunity.com

Leading Tutoring Franchise Transforms Offerings Amid Pandemic; Poised for Growth in 2021 Tutor Doctor Enhances Business Operations, Lays out International Growth Plans for New Year

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