Canadians should have greater access to advanced beauty services and solutions. That is the premise behind the launch and expected growth of Laser Clinics in Canada. The world’s leading advanced beauty clinics network, Laser Clinics was established in Australia in 2008 and, since then, has opened over 180 clinics globally. In February, the company announced the official launch of its Canadian business, the opening of its first clinic at Hillcrest Mall in Richmond Hill and plans for Canadian expansion – which includes an expected 12 clinics before year end. 

“We are excited to expand the world’s largest brand of advanced beauty and medical aesthetics services into Canada,” said George Jeffrey, Managing Director for Laser Clinics Canada. “We are convinced Canadians will appreciate having greater access to more affordable medical-grade, top quality aesthetics treatments that are tailored to their individual needs and desired results.”  

Using medical-grade, industry-leading technology, Laser Clinics offers personalized skincare treatments, extensive high-quality cosmetic injectables, laser hair removal and a multitude of skin products that, collectively, deliver the results people desire.

Overseeing, the advanced treatments, medical equipment, services and products offered at each clinic, is the company’s Medical Advisory Committee, which includes more than 300 medical professionals – dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and nurses.  

Laser Clinics is also home to two of the most esteemed skin care products on the market – Skinstitut and Dr Roebuck’s. Skinstitut specializes in high-performance cosmeceutical skincare with clinically proven ingredients that are as effective as they are affordable. Dr Roebuck’s line brings clean, sustainable skincare products that deliver maximum results with minimal ingredients.  

Since its February 4th launch in Canada, the company has hired 6 employees at the local clinic level and head office. One of the company’s newest members is Jenna Caira, former Canadian Olympic medallist, speaker and performance coach.  She joined the Laser Clinics Canada team as head of franchise recruitment. Her new pitch will be to rally entrepreneurs around the company’s vision – help Canadians look and feel their best selves. Caira brings to her new position decades of training in high-performance teams, leadership and success in diverse, high-stakes environments.  

“I was drawn to Laser Clinics Canada’s mission of helping people look and feel their best selves,” said Caira. “I now know I wasn’t the only one to be inspired by that mission. It’s really the focal point of everything we do, and it excites us to get up in the morning and devote all of our energies toward this goal. Based on my experience in team sports, I know this bodes well for our future in Canada. And I’m happy to be a part of it.”  

The success of Laser Clinic Canada’s first location, in Richmond Hill, has George Jeffrey more optimistic than ever.  

“Our clinics offer growth opportunities and value for an extensive network of partners – from entrepreneurs on the franchising side to all levels of the professionals in the advanced beauty space,” said Jeffrey. “We’re looking to expand and so all are welcome to make a connection with us. Canada’s a big country, so we’ve got some ground to cover. We’ll need lots of caring and qualified hands to realize our potential.”  

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Laser Clinics enters Canadian market, ushering in a new era in affordable advanced beauty services

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