In 1969, Jani-King Commercial Cleaning Service’s founder Jim Cavanaugh landed on an idea so unique that it would change the landscape of the commercial cleaning industry.  By the early 1970’s, Jani-King began to apply its pioneering franchise concept – a model in which Jani-King secures commercial cleaning contracts and offers the Franchise Owner an initial customer base to service.

Today, 50 years after the system was first developed, Jani-King remains one of the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise systems.  In Canada, there are more than 700 Franchise Owners supported by 12 Regional Office Centres in most major cities across the country.   What sets Jani-King apart from its competition is a proven, well-crafted system.  Franchise Owners are supported by a local regional office that provides initial and ongoing training, operational and administrative support as well as assistance in securing new business.

Beyond Jani-King’s solid reputation of excellent service, the company’s franchise model provides clients with added assurance that the job will be thorough and consistent. This is because the cleaning is performed by the franchisees themselves—business partners who have invested in their own Jani-King Franchise and are dedicated to client satisfaction.

Celebrating 50 years of commercial cleaning franchise success

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