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BeaverTails, makers of unique and delicious BeaverTails® pastries, have announced its US and international growth strategy at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) trade show in Orlando, Florida.

Based on an old family recipe, BeaverTails pastries are a Canadian icon – a unique and delicious treat. Served hot and topped with numerous choices, including cinnamon & sugar, chocolate hazelnut spread, Reese’s® Pieces and peanut butter, BeaverTails pastries satisfy indulgences of all tastes. BeaverTails also offers a menu of favorite snack foods, including BeaverBites, BeaverDogs, poutines, and moozoo® smoothies, frozen yogurts and gelatos.

“BeaverTails has become a beloved icon and proven business model across Canada,” says Pino Di Ioia, CEO, BeaverTails. “Now that our home market has matured, we have turned our development efforts to the US and abroad. Our strategy is clear – we wish to place stores within leading tourist and leisure destinations. Our research and experience tell us that this is one of the best ways to accelerate brand awareness. This approach has already been proven at Lagoon Amusement Park, Morey’s Piers, Cedar Point and locations in Japan, South Korea and Dubai.”

“We believe that we have a very compelling offering for food service operators, for several reasons. First, our operations are comparatively simple and our food costs are relatively low. Second, our product is unique and does not cannibalize sales of other dessert offerings. Third, BeaverTails pastries are topped with a variety of choices, which allows us to better engage the customer by providing an animated experience. We are actively looking to meet passionate people with amusement park expertise and a desire to help fulfill this vision,” adds Mr. Di Ioia.


BeaverTails Announces US and International Growth Strategy

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