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Minuteman Press International Launches Franchise Marketing Campaign “We Are The Modern Printing Industry”

Backed by continued research and development of the latest printing technology, each Minuteman Press franchise meets the design, marketing, and printing needs of today’s business professionals.

Minuteman Press International, the world’s leading design, marketing, and printing franchise, continues to build momentum in 2018 with their marketing campaign, We Are The Modern Printing Industry.™

We Are The Modern Printing Industry is designed to raise awareness about how Minuteman Press International has embraced the advancements in print technology in order to print on more products than ever before. The marketing campaign also speaks to the ability of each Minuteman Press franchise to meet the design, marketing, printing, and promotional needs of today’s business professionals.

Bob Titus, Minuteman Press President and CEO, reflects on the history of Minuteman Press International and its current position as the modern printing industry. He says, “For our first 30 years, we thrived on ink on paper. We had vendors and suppliers in place over those years to produce promotional products, plaques, awards, and banners. Our biggest vendors were 3M and Multigraphics. Today, our vendors include companies such as Xerox, Konica Minolta, HP, Epson, BIC Graphic, SanMar and Vantage Apparel. We have always been full-service and it is really amazing at how the industry has grown and enabled our franchise owners to bring a lot of this technology in-house.”

Michael Jutt, Minuteman Press International Executive Vice President and Director of Training, adds, “We Are The Modern Printing Industry™ because we meet the needs of today’s business professionals with wonderful, new and exciting changes; but the key elements that have always made the industry great are alive and breathing. First, the need for print and related services remains strong and constant.  Customers need our products.  They buy our products, use them up and come back to buy more.  We truly have great repeat business and that builds a strong client base.  The value of our average customer’s yearly expenditures has remained very high and very profitable; and in many cases, with the addition of all our other products and services, those expenditures have increased dramatically.”

Ink/toner on paper is still at the heart of what Minuteman Press franchise owners produce day in and day out for their business clients across countless industries. The new technology combined with ongoing franchise training and support from Minuteman Press International has enabled franchisees to produce many more products and services beyond ink on paper in cost-effective ways. Minuteman Press owners are ready, willing, and able to help bring today’s customers’ visions to life. They can design something for a client and then imprint it on potentially hundreds of thousands of products.

“One of our writers came up with the idea of ‘the modern printing industry’ and I thought it was fantastic,” says Nick Titus, Minuteman Press Vice President of Marketing. He continues, “We Are The Modern Printing Industry™ showcases the latest innovations, products, and services that are now available to Minuteman Press customers through our franchise locations. We fully embrace ancillary industries such as promotional products, custom branded apparel, large format printing, and direct mail. Utilizing technology such as dye sublimation printing and large format printing has been incredible. The quality and efficiency of this technology as well as the affordability of it has been a tremendous success for our owners. They are really bona fide industries within the printing industry.”

Nick continues, “We have updated our window graphics, lobby displays, and signage to help our owners highlight the full suite of products and services they are able to provide to their clients. The bottom line is that the printing industry as a whole has become modernized and we remain at the forefront of those exciting changes.”

With all of the advancements in technology and increased product and service capabilities, the printing industry is as strong as it’s ever been and Minuteman Press International is at the forefront of the modern printing industry.

About Minuteman Press International
Minuteman Press International is the number one rated business marketing and printing franchise that offers world class training and unparalleled ongoing local support. Started in 1973 by Roy Titus and his son Bob, Minuteman Press began franchising in 1975 and has grown to nearly 1,000 business service franchise locations worldwide including the U.S., Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Minuteman Press is ranked #1 in category by Entrepreneur 26 times and 15 years in a row, including 2018. Franchise Business Review has also named Minuteman Press International to its 2018 Top Franchises and 2017 Top B2B Franchises lists thanks to positive reviews from our owners.
At Minuteman Press, We Are The Modern Printing Industry providing high quality products and services that meet the needs of today’s business professionals and go way beyond ink on paper. Today, our centers offer innovative branding solutions and produce custom designs, promotional products, branded apparel, direct mail marketing, large format printing (banners and posters), signs and graphics, and much more. Prior experience is not necessary to own and operate a successful Minuteman Press franchise.