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Massage Addict’s 75th clinic opens in Red Deer, Alberta

Massage Addict's 75th clinic opens in Red Deer, Alberta

An Alberta Registered Massage Therapist and newest member of the Massage Addict franchisee family is putting the finishing touches on Massage Addict’s milestone 75th clinic, upholding its rank as the largest and fastest growing registered massage therapy company in Canada.

Massage Addict Inc.Canada’s largest, membership-based registered massage therapy company has opened its 75th clinic. Franchise owner is Registered Massage Therapist and businesswoman Cora Hasna, whose clinic opened its doors in the Timberland area of Red Deer, Alberta on September 19.

A Registered Massage Therapist since 2011, this project brings together two of Hasna’s passions: massage and business. “I love massage and all of the benefits it brings my clients,” said Hasna, who also runs a trucking company with her husband in Red Deer. “I understand where the RMTs are coming from, but I also know what it’s like to manage team members, operate a business and focus on providing high quality service.”

Unwavering Support

Hasna is excited about being part of the wave of successful clinics that have opened in Alberta in the past few years, and thrilled to be opening the 75th clinic.  She’s also been impressed by all the support she’s been receiving from Massage Addict throughout the process.

All franchisees are supported by the 120 years of combined experience of Massage Addict’s Head Office in marketing, operations, information technology, finance and business leadership. They are guided through everything from finding a site to construction, training, recruiting, opening day, and beyond.

“They are super impressive. They are helpful, professional, and just all-around nice people,” said Hasna, who has had weekly calls with HQ for the past 4 months to walk her through a detailed schedule of tasks leading right up to opening day. “The timeline is very detailed and the whole process has made all the hard work much easier.”

For Massage Addict CEO Fraser Clarke, this model is precisely what has brought the tally to 75 clinics in under 10 years since Massage Addict’s inception. In fact, since 2014, Massage Addict has more than tripled the number of clinics across Canada— from 24 clinics in 2014 to 75 to this year.

“Our focus is simple: It is support, support, and more support,” says Clarke. “We continue to put an emphasis on infrastructure, training, and keeping the line of communications open between the franchisees and HQ to ensure the highest quality treatments and an exceptional work culture. We’re thrilled to have Cora open our 75th clinic.”

Massage First

For many RMTs, clients, and franchisees, the membership-based model of Massage addict is a big draw. Membership makes good sense from the viewpoint of an RMT, a client, and a franchise owner, said Hasna. “It encourages clients to keep up with their monthly massages and their health and wellness regime—making massage a big part of their lives.”

As for Hasna, she plans to continue providing treatments on a part-time basis while she runs her new clinic. “I love being an RMT. And I have clients who depend on me for treatments.”

About Massage Addict
Founded in 2008, Massage Addict is Canada’s largest, fastest growing membership-based massage therapy company, helping clients improve their health through quality massage therapy that’s both affordable and convenient. We provide our Registered Massage Therapists with all of the tools and support they need to treat clients with the utmost quality and customer service—to maximize massage therapy’s health-benefiting results. For more information, or to learn about franchising opportunities, visit