Canadian Franchise


There are varying reports in the national and international press concerning the state of the economy. There are numerous different opinions on whether we are in a growth mode or stable – at lease most experts seem to agree that we are not in retreat.
For small business entrepreneurs however their outlook is, ‘how and where do I get funding to grow my business’ – a very valid question and one that would normally be answered with a trip to your local bank. Banks in many areas it seems have the appearance of being open and welcoming to their small business clients – however the reality is something quite different. With many covertly showing the ‘closed’ sign, how will small business move forward? There are few experts that would disagree that it is small business that is the driving force behind economic growth.

Fortunately there is a healthy and accessible secondary market for small business owners to explore. It’s all a case of looking outside of the box and not giving up when your bank says ‘No’. Many tailor-made programs exist that, in many instances, offer greater leverage and more flexibility than a conventional bank loan. If your bank is closed, take a look at some alternative financing options.