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Hungry for Fresh Bread: Recent COBS Bread Bakery Openings in Ontario Break Records

COBS Bread’s expansion into Ontario continued with successful openings in Guelph and Waterdown. The bakeries hosted the first and second largest Community Day openings in the brand’s history, which is COBS Bread’s opening day where all proceeds are donated to a local charity. They also rank amongst the top ten all-time in first week sales.

“I knew there was a lot of anticipation for the bakery and our bread before we opened,” says Terrell Thurston, Franchise Owner of COBS Bread Clair Marketplace in Guelph, ON. “I am absolutely delighted that the anticipation has manifested into us being welcomed into the community and breaking our goals, week after week. It’s been quite the journey!”

COBS Bread’s two recent openings extend the streak of exceptional openings in Ontario this last fiscal year in Ottawa and Waterloo. These bakeries both held previous Community Day records and they continue to deliver strong results.

“The demand for fresh baked bread and treats throughout Ontario is apparent and the community response has been very welcoming,” says Brad Bissonnette, VP of Marketing & Franchise Recruitment for COBS Bread. “We look forward to broadening our reach and making our product more accessible through additional franchises throughout Ontario.”

With plans to expand to over 250 bakeries across Canada by 2022, the company will continue to focus on increasing the bakery footprint throughout Ontario, where there are currently 22 bakeries.

About COBS Bread
At every one of COBS Bread’s 106 locations across Canada are hand-crafted bread and the freshest treats, baked every day. Offering traditional sandwich breads, artisanal loaves and smart indulgences, COBS Bread focuses on helping you bring high quality, healthy and delicious baked goods into your home. At the end of the day, all leftover product is donated to local charities. COBS Bread plans to grow to 250 locations in Canada in the next five years.