Canadian Franchise


Helping everyday Canadians realize the dream of

building their business through franchising

What is the Canadian Franchise Association?

Back in 1967, as Canada’s centennial was being celebrated, a group of franchise business owners recognized a need for a national umbrella organization committed to the growth, enhancement, promotion, and development of ethical franchising across the country. The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) was founded with this mission and principles and is now the only national trade association serving
the franchise industry and the needs of franchisors, franchisees,
and anyone considering opportunities in the franchise sector.
The CFA is now the recognized authority on franchising in
Canada, and rep¬resents over 700 corporate members across the
country, including iconic Canadian brands such as Pizza Pizza,
M&M Food Market, and McDonald’s Canada.

Our purpose: To help everyday Canadians realize
the dream of building their own businesses

The CFA’s mission is to amplify the understanding and power of franchising in Canada by advocating on the issues that impact this dream,connecting people with opportunities in franchising, and delivering learning opportunities that make the industry stronger. The CFA produces the annual Franchise Canada Directory, and Franchise Canada magazine, considered the country’s most trusted franchise resources. The bi-monthly magazine is available at CFA trade shows and events,on newsstands, in Air Canada Lounges,and through subscription.Prospective franchisees can also learn more about franchising through the Franchise Canada Chats podcast, now in its second season, and Franchise Canada TV, which features interviews and informational videos. The Association also offers Canada’s only trade shows that exclusively feature CFA member franchise systems.Promoted as The Franchise Canada Show, this event features some of the biggest names in franchising, and is held in major cities across the country. The CFA’s Franchise Canada resources can be found online at www.FranchiseCanada.Online. The CFA’s wealth of knowledge flows, in part, from its prominent role in the nation’s business community. CFA members represent more than 40,000 business outlets across the country. As awhole, the franchise industry employs well over a million people. About half of these employees work under the banners of hundreds of CFA member franchise systems.

What can the CFA do for you?
One of the CFA’s primary roles is to help prospective franchisees make the best decision when investing in a franchise by providing resources and education about franchising. The CFA’s websites (,, and (www.FranchiseCanada.Online) offer valuable information and resources about franchising, as well as detailed listings in its online member directories. Directories are separated into franchise systems and franchise support services providers (e.g. franchise lawyers, accountants, consultants, etc.). CFA members represent a diverse cross section of franchise systems in Canada, ranging from very large, established operations to smaller regional concepts. When you deal with CFA members, you can be confident you’ll be treated fairly because all members must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. Franchisors can become members only after they undergo a review process performed by a
committee of their peers. Members join the CFA voluntarily, as franchise systems are not obliged to belong to any trade organization. CFA members share the conviction that their commitment to excellence in franchising improves the industry as a whole for everyone involved, including franchisors, franchisees, suppliers, and customers. Realistically, however, what the Association can’t do is protect potential investors from making bad business decisions. The CFA does not have specific punitive powers to use against members if they violate the Association’s Code of Ethics. Members, however, may use the confidential, complimentary services of a third party & neutral Ombudsman (available through to help resolve disagreements between franchisors and franchisees. We fulfill our mission through our four brand pillars – leadership, trust, credibility, and opportunity. Through these pillars, we create a unified force that represents different elements coming together to create and grow as a multifaceted whole. Working under the motto of “Growing together,” we embrace the concept of growing your business with the support of the greater franchise community through CFA membership. This holds true to the concept of franchising – that franchisee and franchisor grow their businesses through partnership. Together, we all grow our businesses, our expertise, and our ability to advocate for a thriving future.

Quick Look: The Canadian Franchise Association
• Founded in 1967, the CFA is theonly national trade association for
franchising in Canada.
• The CFA is the authoritative,recognized voice for franchising in
Canada, and the indispensable resource for the Canadian franchise community.
• The CFA advocates on behalf of franchisors and franchisees to enhance
and protect the franchise business model.
• The CFA promotes excellence in franchising and educates Canadians
about franchising, specific franchise opportunities, and proper due diligence through its many events, programs, publications, and websites.
CFA members represent a diverse cross section of Canadian businesses, ranging from large, established franchise systems to smaller, regional systems, as well as professionals and organizations that provide support services and supplies to the franchise sector. In joining the CFA, members commit to pursuing excellence and voluntarily adhere to the CFA Code
of Ethics. Franchise System Members:
• Companies that are offering franchises
in Canada.
• Member franchise systems can be found in more than 50 different
business categories and sectors. Franchise Support Services/Suppliers
• Persons or companies engaged in providing products and/or services to
franchise systems and franchisees.
• Support services/suppliers include, but are not limited to, accounting firms, legal firms, consultancies, insurance providers, and financial institutions.
For Members: The CFA offers its members exclusive programs and services, including:
• Promotion of excellence and growth in franchising
• Industry credibility
• Advocacy and government relations
• Free, confidential ombudsman program
• Awards programs
• Educational programs and networking opportunities, including full-day
seminars, webinars, and annual national convention
• Member savings program

• Mentorship program
• Members-Only Resource Area on For Prospective Franchisees: The CFA helps prospective franchisees learn about the franchise business model, as well as specific franchise opportunities, through resources such as:
• The CFA’s official online franchise directory (
• Online resources, like Franchise Tutorials
• Franchise Canada magazine
• Franchise Canada Directory
• Franchise Canada website
• Franchise Canada TV
• Franchise Canada Chats podcast
• The Franchise Canada Show trade shows
• CFA Starter Kit

So Many Opportunities Made up of thousands of small businesses in every community from coast to coast, the franchising sector is the 12th largest contributor to the Canadian economy. The Canadian franchise industry is
estimated to have over 1,200 brands and more than 76,000 franchise
locations across a variety of sectors. While franchise concepts operating
in the food service category dominate the industry, there’s more to franchising than just fast food. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Canadian neighbourhood devoid of a franchise business serving its residents. With franchise systems operating in more than 50 different sectors, Canadians from coast to coast are interacting with franchise systems daily, from coffee shops to cleaners and day cares to restaurants, hotels, and so much more, the franchise business model is an important part of Canadians’ day-to-day lives.

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