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Get up and Go… With Mobile Franchising!

Mobile Franchises Franchise Opportunity

Over the past few years there has been much debate on the economy of the world and its direct effect on Canada. Although we have appeared to fare decently well compared to the USA, Greece, Cyprus and many other countries of the world, Canadians are still well aware of the impact global economic instability has on all economies throughout the world.

Although the economy appears to be improving, people within Canada still tend to be very budget minded and this trend has carried over into the Franchising world as well. More and more frequently franchise brands are out selling non-franchised ones and the stability, laid out structure and proven management system of a franchise, is very reassuring to the up and coming entrepreneur.

The allure of the Mobile Franchise

When a future franchisee researches a potential investment to find a franchise that fits well with their needs and capabilities, the benefits of the mobile franchise are becoming more and more alluring. The mobile franchising market provides diverse business opportunities, and allows a franchisee to find their own niche, running a business that they are truly interested in, while providing services they believe in. From pet grooming to lawn care to tire changes, the choices seem endless and today’s future franchisees are jumping at the chance to get a piece of the mobile pie.

Mobile franchising offers a myriad of benefits over an independent business or typical franchise location. A mobile franchise does not require a large and costly real estate space, a large work force or a lot of inventory. These components create a more manageable situation for the franchisee in regards to both time and expenses. There is no illusion that mobile franchising does not require secured funds and an upfront investment. There are still costs and reliable financial obligations required by the franchisee. However, the average mobile franchise has an initial investment of under $100, 000. This definitely allows these franchises to exist in the low-cost segment of the franchising industry and opens up new opportunities to an entirely new segment of the population. As with all other franchises, the mobile franchisor offers assistance with marketing and advertising, public relations, comprehensive training and ongoing assistance. These benefits along with a much lower start-up cost, low overhead, flexible hours, access to a wide number of customers and job stability is causing the mobile franchise to becoming more and more appealing and viewed as less of a risk than other franchise opportunities. Also, due to the lower start-up cost and flexible business hours, many franchisees find it possible to initially maintain other endeavours, while continuing to grow their mobile franchise simultaneously.

The mobile franchise is the perfect option for the first time business owner, offering franchisees guidance, growth opportunity, schedule flexibility, and a rewarding lifestyle.

Services at your door step

The vast array of services available to clients through mobile franchising is remarkable. The key is finding a portion of the market that is lacking or currently being covered poorly, and offering that service in a superior manner. This along with ensuring things are as easy and worry free for the client as possible, while at the same time always delivering a superior service or product, is the recipe for a successful mobile franchise. Beginning with some lower initial investment options, through to some slightly more costly ones, let’s take a look at a few Canadian mobile franchises that have accomplished just that.

Driving straight to the top!

It is true that mobile franchising along with home related franchises are the fasted growing sector of the franchising market. The reasons for this are varied. The initial risk is substantially lower than store front location based franchise and provides individuals with the security of starting out small. And because mobile franchising is a scalable business, it also allows franchisees to add vehicles and products as their business grows and as they are able to do so. As seen above, the mobile franchise provides potential franchisees with an array of specialties to choose from as well as diverse levels of initial financial commitment. This makes mobile franchising more appealing and accessible to a higher portion of the population.

Whether you are interested in food services, lawn care, real estate, home care or practically anything else you can come up with, there is a mobile franchise opportunity out there for everyone. Offering more franchisee freedom than ever before, these business opportunities are catching on like wild fire across Canada and the United States.