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From Oil + Gas To Badass, Rumble Boxing Studio Founder, Cissy Chen, Celebrates Opening of Studio in Toronto

Cissy Chen

With half of all businesses bound to fail within five years, you would think that a boxing gym created by an entrepreneur with an oil and gas background would be one of them. But that’s far from the truth. Cissy arrived in Canada at the age of 17 and fast-forward two decades she has become a leader in the fitness industry and a sought-after speaker.


Founder and CEO Cissy Chen is a female entrepreneur who had the guts and the fight in her from the start. With a background in the oil and gas industry after graduating from the University of Calgary, Cissy knew she needed a more fulfilling purpose from her career than the 9 to 5 corporate life.


With fire in the belly and extensive experience in business, she was determined to do something she felt passionate about with her career. Cissy enjoyed spin for her fitness routine at the time.


One day an idea came to her; if people can ride to the music, why can’t people box to the beat? From that point, Rumble Boxing was born in 2016. It is no surprise to see Rumble’s successful launch and rapid growth into the boutique fitness market. As the first of its kind in the country, Rumble Boxing currently has 4 studios in Western Canada, and a 5th in Toronto. Rumble continues to fight with high intensity to continue dominating the Canadian boutique fitness market.  Simply put, the demand for what Rumble offers is not slowing down or a limited fad, it is only get stronger.