Canadian Franchise

Fitness Brand P.volve Sets Sights On Opening Studios in All 10 Canadian Provinces

The hybrid-model company that is teaching people to expect more from their fitness, is coming
to Canada, with its first franchise agreement signed for Victoria, British Columbia.
In the five years since the brand’s inception, P.volve has started a fitness revolution. The
company, founded in 2017 by Rachel Katzman, who was experiencing pain from high-intensity
workouts, focuses on a holistic approach to exercise through purposeful, functional movement
P.volve’s workout calls on strategic angles, full range of motion and the mind-body connection to
not just sculpt the muscles members want to shape, but strengthen the stabilizing muscles
around them to heal and nourish areas of sensitivity and pain.Members leave with lifted glutes,
toned abs, defined arms along with improved mobility, pelvic health and everyday pain relief.It
has since exploded into a popular omnichannel model, with online live classes and in-person
studios that aid members all over the world in staying fit and agile.
The top markets for digital P.volve users in Canada are: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal
and Edmonton. And the company is ready to meet the demand it has cultivated in Canada by
opening up franchising opportunities in the country so members can visit a studio near them.
Expanding Growth To 100-Plus Canadian Locations
The brand has already welcomed new franchise partners for one location this year, in Victoria,
British Columbia, said Alex Puccillo, P.volve’s Director of Franchise Development, and he sees
huge potential for the number of locations to be in the triple-digits. “Demand for our services is
increasing sharply in Canada, and we are prepared to meet that demand. Our strong digital and
social media presence, paired with the research we’ve done on other boutique concepts, makes
us confident that opening more than 100 studios in all 10 Canadian provinces is well within our
reach,” said Puccillo.
The company’s Canadian growth is part of its massive franchise expansion plan. Currently,
P.volve has three studios: in Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles, with Nashville, San
Diego and Victoria opening soon. The goal is to have 250 brick-and-mortar studios by 2025 and
to have 30 million women commit to their functional movement model by the year 2030.
This focus on opening studios is going to be a monumental shift for P.volve, which has had over
a million customers sign up for classes in over 75 countries who mostly interact through the
digital platform. Having a location with instructors, patented workout equipment, and the support
of the P.volve community will elevate customers’ fitness journeys.
“We wanted our next chapter to be something that brings wellness to people, and believe we
have found it in P.volve. P.volve can do good for everyone and we want to shout it from the
mountain tops!” said Victoria franchisees Lucille and Tom Cuell.
Seeking Health-Conscious, Driven Franchisee Prospects
P.volve is looking for a certain type of person when it comes to prospective franchisees:
someone who is passionate about wellness, experienced in business ownership, and driven to
succeed. Studios are typically bright, open spaces of about 2,500 square feet, and the ideal
area is an upper-class city or suburb with a population of about 50,000.
The high-end studios will be a place for immersive exercise and movement, bringing the many
digital benefits that members in Canada enjoy to an on-site experience. Each location will have
experienced fitness trainers who take more than 100 hours of courses, a wealth of different
classes and workshops, and the patented P.volve equipment line that is designed to sculpt,
support and restore the body.. There will be a retail section where members can buy equipment,

P.volve’s first-to-market recovery supplement, Recover 9, and branded workout gear and other
The brand has been hosting Discovery Days, both in-person and virtual, to meet with
prospective owners and educate them on the P.volve franchise opportunity. And staying true to
its mission to improve movement and flexibility, Discovery Days aren’t all business; they
incorporate workouts and stretching as well.
“Discovery Day is not giving a PowerPoint presentation and telling franchisees about our
company. We’re getting to know the candidates, answering all their questions, and showing
them exactly what makes P.volve special. That experience builds a level of trust that is core to
our model; our franchisees need to know we have their backs,” said RJ Krone, Vice President of
Studio and Franchise Operations.
A Well-Established and Celebrity-Endorsed Brand
With the brand’s large online presence, it won’t be long before classes are filling up and Canada
locations will be brimming with activity. P.volve has nearly 200,000 Instagram followers and
80,000 Facebook likes. The company has had features in Elle, Goop, Forbes and Vogue, and is
touted by celebrities like actress Kate Bosworth, tennis star Venus Williams and models Molly
Sims and Christie Brinkley. Franchisees get to enjoy the benefit of instant brand awareness from
the moment they open their studio doors.
The company is ready and eager to sign franchise agreements with qualified individuals who
are committed to growing P.volve in Canada. The brand is offering a unique ground-level
opportunity to join the business and bring the P.volve Method to Canada.
P.volve is a leading, holistic fitness Method for women that harnesses the power of functional
movement to nourish and heal while it shapes, tones, and strengthens. The Method supports
women’s evolving needs and empowers its members to move with ease—for life. Experienced
in-studio and virtually, P.volve offers a growing franchise studio footprint, proprietary equipment,
an on-demand and live-streaming platform, and a recovery supplement. P.volve launched in
November 2017 and was co-founded by Rachel Katzman, in partnership with Camelot Venture
Group, whose portfolio companies include 1-800 CONTACTS, SmileDirectClub and Quicken
Loans. Available worldwide, P.volve is headquartered in New York City. For more information,
please visit and @pvolve on Instagram.

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