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Wayne Maillet’s New Handbook Helps Readers Reach Their Franchising Goals

“The Stat” is known to the franchising industry as “the notion that franchises have a success rate of 90 to 95 percent.” This belief has lead novice entrepreneurs to jump on board and start their own franchise businesses – usually finding that success is not that easy. In his new handbook Franchising Demystified, author and leading franchise management consultant Wayne Maillet lays out the pro’s and con’s of franchising and gives a realistic look at what it takes to succeed and thrive with your own franchise business.

Franchising Demystified, published through FriesenPress, is designed to help the reader effectively assess the right franchise opportunity for them and then maximize their return on investment. Using real-life examples, Franchising Demystified breaks down the franchising process and gives readers a comprehensive understand of the franchisee-franchisor relationship. Written for both experienced and novice franchisees, this book applies mistakes made by others to practical models of success.

Franchising Demystified
is available for order from FriesenPress Bookstore, Amazon, and most other major online book retailers. The eBook edition is available for order for GooglePlay, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Nook as well as other .pdf enabled devices.

About the Author
Wayne Maillet is the founder of Franchise Specialists, a full-service franchise development and management company. As an active member of the Canadian Franchise Association and the CFA Research Committee, Wayne brings 25 years of practical experience in all aspects of franchising operations. Respected within franchise circles, he has a realistic and practical understanding of business and franchising. Maillet’s experience in franchising has extended across North America and includes involvement in operations, strategic planning, franchise sales and brand development.

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