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Once a member of the Canadian Forces retires or steps down from their position, the transition into every day life can be daunting. A lot of veterans are unsure if they want to work again or if they have the ability to fully retire.

The military always takes care of their own, by providing housing, money, food and insurance. However, once a solider steps down, it can be difficult to reconnect with everyday life and find a way to provide for their family that reflects their abilities and everything they have learned during their time in the service.

Canada has recognized a need to help Veterans through the transition from soldier to civilian by implanting and offering a wide variety of programs to help ease this significant change for all Veterans.


The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) has established a program in recognition of all Canadian veterans and their sacrifice for this country. The CFA and the Department of National Defence created a program to help the honourably discharged transition from the forces and look at the possibility of franchising. This program offers special deals and opportunities exclusive to those who were honorably discharged.

If a military personal is not interested in owning their own business, the program has arranged access to employment for veterans at either franchise head offices or at the locations in their area.

The CFA and Department of National Defence recognized a Veteran’s needs and understands that their questions may differ from others when it comes to franchising. Therefore, this program offers research materials and resource articles to help Military veterans achieve success in the franchising industry.

Veterans Transition network

The Veterans Transition Network offers a two month long course exclusive to military vets who are transitioning back into society as civilians. Veterans work together to help recognize issues each of them may face, while also finding support in one another to overcome newly developed struggles.

The sessions are private and held by clinicians and other returning veterans who work with personal to help them successfully return to civilian life. The program focuses on typical adjustments that most military personal would face including family life, career opportunities and understanding one’s experience in the military. The Veterans Transitions Network focuses on gaining strength from experience and using it to help support people after they return home.

Canada Company

This establishment helps families of soldiers in transition through a Military Employment Program. A charitable non-partisan company, the initiative helps connect Canadian Armed Forces with businesses. They offer scholarships to families of fallen soldiers and educational initiatives surrounding the military.

Military Employment Transition Program (MET )

This program works alongside The Canadian Company 10,000 Jobs Coalition, which asked Corporations within Canada to hire 10,000 veterans by 2023. There are currently over 100 companies dedicated to helping achieve this success. MET helps veterans recognize and access companies that are seeking military personal. This helps veterans gain access to employment within their range of experience and those who have programs specific to their needs. MET recognizes the skills and education soldiers received during their training and service and helps veterans display those skills properly to the appropriate employer.

A lot of skills and responsibilities of veterans can go unrecognized in the work force and MET and Canada Company helps veterans access jobs that adhere to their experience and abilities. They also educate the public, including companies about the skillsets military personal have to offer.

Second Career Assistance Network

National Defence and The Canadian Armed Forces are behind the unique set of skills that military personal develops. They also recognize the men and women who served in the forces and understand they are highly-trained individuals who will return to civilian life. They offer a transition program that prepares personal for a second career and connect them with possible employers, as well as training.

The Second Career Assistance Network offers career and educational training, workshops, seminars, as well as session for veterans and their partners, for example:

The Prince’s Charities (Operation of Entrepreneurs)

Recognizing a veterans potential to start their own business, this operation focuses on training Canadian Forces members to become their own boss. For those interested, CAF personal can receive training, as well as mentoring to help set them up for entrepreneurial success in the future.

Vocational Rehabilitation Program

CAF members who are facing medical release are presented with an opportunity for training in different fields through onthe- job training, and rehabilitation. This is a transitional activity to help serving members receive training prior to their release.

Integrated Transition Plan

When a veteran has a suggested permanent medical leave, a plan to help them readjust and begin to live independently needs to be put in place. This program is offered to those seeking help entering back into civilian life. This program is available from six months to three years, dependent on the veteran’s individual needs. It is set in place to help CAF members achieve a proposed release goal and then considers job related organizations, if applicable to the member.

Franchise Options

A lot of franchises have special offers and discounts available exclusively to veterans. Franchises are an ideal opportunity for a lot of military personal. It allows them the freedom to run their own business, while experiencing a good work life balance, which is needed to readjust.

Veterans can obtain control of their career and their future while being a part of a great business opportunity. Some examples of stores with veteran friendly franchises are Drivers Seat Canada who you can read more about in
our Veterans in Franchising Cover story, The UPS Store, Midas, Two Men and a Truck, and BeaverTails to name just a few.

UPS Store

The UPS store recognizes the services the Canadian forces have made for this country and created a veteran opportunity to show their appreciation for all they have done. The franchise believes military returning home can use their experience directly as a franchisee with UPS. The company offers a $10,000 discount rate on franchise fees and 50 per cent off the application fee.


BeaverTails is a fast-growing franchise within Canada that has become a well-known pastry in the country. The snack food restaurant has a lot to offer, including an opportunity to all Canadian Military Veterans with a $10,000 discount in purchasing fees.

With over 59 stores country-wide, a veteran can become a part of something else that is truly Canadian and using their military skills to execute a business with precision and pride.


Midas is a trusted and globally recognized leader in the automotive industry. There are several ways for qualified candidates to enter the Midas franchise program, including the development of a new shop, purchase of an existing shop, conversion of your existing auto business or the purchase of a company owned Midas location.

Two Men and A Truck

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise opportunity is best described as a “Professional Moving Business for the Business Professional”. As a proud member of the Canadian Military Veteran Program, Veterans who qualify and are awarded a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise will receive a 10% discount on the initial franchise fee.

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Veterans and Franchising: Starting Your Own Business

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