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Embracing Entrepreneurship: Sola Salons Proves Age is Just a Number in Pursuing Dreams and Building a Thriving Franchise

Age is just a number when it comes to pursuing your dreams and embarking on a new business venture. As I reflect on my journey from a seasoned realtor to a proud franchise owner of Sola Salons at the age of 75, I am filled with gratitude and a sense of fulfillment. I want to share my experience and offer some advice to those who may be considering taking a leap into the world of franchising, regardless of their age or expertise.


One of the key factors that motivated me to join Sola Salons was the desire to provide my children with an entrepreneurial lifestyle. I wanted to show them that age should never be a deterrent when it comes to pursuing one’s passions and aspirations. By embracing the opportunity to start a new business at 75, I not only fulfilled my own dreams but also set an example for the next generation. It’s never too late to chase your dreams and inspire those around you.


Starting my Sola Salons journey with my two daughters Britni and Brooke by my side has been an incredible experience. Britni’s recruitment, customer service, and leadership experience with brands including Lululemon and Arc’teryx brings invaluable knowledge to beauty professionals as they work to grow their businesses. Additionally, Brooke’s background and expertise in the financial industry, including her experience as the Marketing Director at the London Stock Exchange Group, have proven to be a significant asset to our business. With her knowledge of market trends, financial analysis, and strategic planning, she has brought a unique perspective to our franchise operations. Together, we have been able to combine their financial and customer service acumen with my transferable skills and entrepreneurial spirit, creating a dynamic team that drives the success of our Sola Salons franchise. This partnership has not only strengthened our bond as a family but has also enhanced our ability to make informed business decisions and navigate the ever-changing landscape of the beauty and salon industry. Having partners who complement your skills and bring a different perspective to the table can be a game-changer in the world of franchising. 


A key lesson I have learned through this transition is the power of transferable skills. Throughout my years as a realtor, I honed my abilities to build relationships, negotiate deals, and provide exceptional customer service. Little did I know that these skills, developed in the world of real estate, would prove to be invaluable in the realm of salon studio franchising. While I was not a beauty expert when I first started, I quickly discovered that my proficiency in client management and business development translated seamlessly into my new venture. This realization was a testament to the fact that the skills we acquire throughout our careers can be applied across industries. So, don’t underestimate the value of your existing skills and experiences; they can be your greatest assets as you embark on a new entrepreneurial journey.


Another crucial aspect to consider is finding the right franchise that aligns with your values, goals, and passions. For me, Sola Salons checked all the boxes. As the largest and fastest-growing salon studios franchise in Canada and the U.S., their track record was impressive, and their commitment to supporting franchisees was evident from day one. I was amazed by the comprehensive training programs they provided, equipping me with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the beauty and salon industry. Moreover, the ongoing marketing support ensured that I had a competitive edge in the local market. The support from Sola Salons professionals has been unwavering, demonstrating that they truly have their franchisees’ backs. When exploring franchising opportunities, be sure to thoroughly research the brand’s reputation, support system, and growth potential. Remember, you don’t have to be an industry expert to thrive in a franchise business; a passion for learning and a willingness to adapt are equally important.


One of the most rewarding aspects of my franchise journey has been the opportunity to bring an established American brand to the Canadian market. Introducing Sola Salons to the vibrant community of Oshawa has been a thrilling experience. The warm reception from both salon professionals and clients has reinforced the notion that with the right brand and a commitment to excellence, success knows no borders. If you’re considering expanding into new markets, take the time to understand the local culture, adapt your strategies, and build strong relationships within the community. By embracing the uniqueness of each market, you can foster growth and establish a thriving franchise presence.




Finally, I want to emphasize the importance of collaboration and teamwork. As a franchise owner, you are not alone on this journey. Surround yourself with a dedicated team of professionals who share your vision and are committed to your success. Whether it’s your fellow franchisees, the support staff at the corporate office, or the talented professionals working in your salon studios, creating a strong network of individuals who are aligned with your goals will propel you forward. The sense of camaraderie within the Sola Salons franchise community has been invaluable. The knowledge-sharing, support, and encouragement I have received from fellow franchisees have played a significant role in my personal and professional growth.


Starting a franchise business later in life is an opportunity to prove that age is not a barrier to success. It’s a chance to showcase your wisdom, experience, and resilience. As I continue to grow my Sola Salons franchise, I am constantly reminded that age brings unique perspectives and insights that can fuel innovation and drive business growth. So, if you’re considering venturing into the world of franchising, remember that your age is not a limitation; it’s a strength. Embrace the challenge, trust in your abilities, and let your entrepreneurial spirit soar. Your best chapter may be yet to come, and the franchise world is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Interview with Larry Lloyd franchise owner with Sola Salons.