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Eat The Frog Fitness Gains Strength with Growth in Canada

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Eat the Frog Fitness is expanding to Canada, making the franchise company an international brand. Eat The Frog Fitness signed an agreement with Canadian partners for the British Columbia territory with 11 locations that includes new fitness studios in the Vancouver metro area.

“Our intent since inception was to take Eat the Frog Fitness worldwide,” says Co-Founder, Olympian and Chief Brand Officer Bryan Clay. “We have more than 150 franchise licenses under contract throughout North America and continue to grow at a rapid rate.”

In 2008 Clay won the Olympic Gold Medal in the Men’s Decathlon. He and his Eat the Frog Fitness Co-Founder Joe Culver, whose expertise lies in finance and corporate development, recognized a business opportunity when they observed that athletic training had become overly focused on appearance and weight, rather than physical function and endurance. Together they created the Eat the Frog Fitness approach to be inclusive of every body.

Eat the Frog Fitness blends proprietary training methods with an evidenced-based franchise-business model. By late 2019 Eat the Frog Fitness plans to have 40 fitness studios open. Hundreds more are expected to open through 2021 and beyond.

“Dozens of franchise partners are signing leases and building out Eat the Frog Fitness studios in many U.S. markets and now in Canada,” says Eat the Frog Co-Founder and CEO Joe Culver.

Eat the Frog Fitness has designed its studio environment to eliminate gym-intimidation, encourage social interaction, and integrate adaptive technology. This blend keeps members coming back for more. Highlights include:

  • Workouts on IMAX-style monitors.
  • Customized fitness machine settings so class participants can move at the same pace regardless of fitness level.
  • Live and virtual coach classes to provide tips for fitness enhancement.

The Eat the Frog Fitness difference can be seen in members’ motivation and results. Each member of the Frog Family performs customized low-impact, high intensity workouts that improve physical fitness, reduce the risk of injury and allow for physical recovery.

About Eat the Frog
With 24/7 access to live and virtual coach classes Eat the Frog Fitness combines athletic inspired training, cutting-edge technology, and real-time heart rate monitoring for the most effective workout on the market. The Eat the Frog Fitness method helps members realize small improvements in health everyday while staying engaged.