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The Driving Force Behind America’s Premiere Mobile Entertainment Franchise, GameTruck!

GrameTruck Franchise

Founder and CEO Scott Novis, and President David Bauer are on mission to set a new standard for an already unique franchise business.

GameTruck is a mobile entertainment franchise focused on delivering a one of a kind experience for customers. GameTruck rigs are rolling gaming mega centers with enough TVs and gaming consoles to host an event of up to 20 participants. The concept is centered on the idea of bringing people together through social video game play.

“You play with the people you love most and want to spend time with, family and friends, not strangers or by yourself. We feel that this experience creates lasting memories. Video games are just the tools we use to craft this experience. Here at GameTruck we call it Delivering Excitement.” – Scott Novis, Founder and CEO

Simply put, GameTruck is the largest in the mobile gaming franchise world. Scott and David are the driving force in competing against themselves and improving what is already widely considered the premium experience in this industry. They have both focused on helping and developing franchisees in new markets, but also have taken a hard look at the health of the current franchisees and how to improve the opportunity on both sides.

New franchise owners are benefiting from a large reduction in cost to manufacture the best in class GameTruck trailer, making the quick start up even more reasonable. They’ve also developed smarter and more efficient franchise recruitment strategies to make sure GameTruck is partnering with the perfect franchisees for this concept.

“This is a people business. More than the games and fun, the person to person interaction of a GameTruck party is what sets us apart from the rest. That is why finding the right people that share our vision, our enthusiasm, and our passion for serving others is vitally important to the ongoing success of GameTruck” – David Bauer, President

Current GameTruck franchise owners right now are involved with a game-changing partnership with Nintendo America for a marketing program called Summer of Splatoon. Aligning itself with one of the most iconic brands in video games, GameTruck has benefited from the increased awareness of helping to launch Nintendo’s new multiplayer game Splatoon. Additionally, GameTruck has set up new programs with Batteries Plus and ADP to give their franchise owners better deals and more tools to help them run lean. Scott and David have also launched a new SEO optimized website, coupled with a revamped national sales team, to help current franchise owners book more parties. And once a party is booked, everything is managed through an easy to use online booking system.

“GameTruck franchise owners can work from anywhere, not tethered to an office, so having a centralized booking system helps franchise owners keep on schedule no matter where they are. GameTruck does not have a “delivery window”, we show up when and where you scheduled your party on time, every time.” – David Bauer, President

Scott and David also spend a great deal of time on the road finding new innovations for GameTruck or building stronger relationships with franchise owners. Just last month the GameTruck team was in Los Angeles for the E3 video game conference. At E3, the biggest companies and game makers show off the latest and greatest in technology and new games. Being front and center at these invents, experiencing everything first hand helps GameTruck stay on top of the industry and make sure they have the latest and greatest of equipment for their franchisees.

“You don’t have to be a ‘gamer’ to be a franchise owner of GameTruck. Many of our franchisees just like working with people and rely heavily on us to make sure we keep up with the industry and have the best innovations for every GameTruck party. E3 is a wonderful event for companies to showcase what’s coming out next. Being in attendance not only helps GameTruck get that information early but gives us the opportunity to experience it in person.” – Scott Novis, Founder and CEO

The team also logs some serious frequent flyer miles doing in market visits with franchise owners. Most franchise systems choose a designee for this taxing task of going to each individual unit. GameTruck franchise owners get unprecedented access to the two individuals most responsible for the future direction of the company. Even when not in market, Scott and David are always just a call away to step in and help drive success for their owners.

GameTruck today has 70+ franchises in 35 states, and has experienced 6 consecutive years of growth. Most would already call that a success, but to Scott Novis and David Bauer of GameTruck, “We are just getting started.”

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