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Most tutoring companies would teach within their own facility, but School is Easy Tutoring offers their clients a service within their own home. The company provides a unique and personal experience that allows students and parents more freedom, as well as a sense of comfort.
Founded in 2002, School is Easy Tutoring, once known as Academic Advantage Tutoring, started in the greater Vancouver area in British Columbia. It started its first franchise in Victoria in 2009 and has awarded 2 more franchises since then. It is the largest tutoring agency in the Lower Mainland and has spread throughout British Columbia. The company has all of the legal documents in order and is ready to go across Canada.
Founder and director Susan Cumberland, brings a variety of expertise and skill to the company. She has a Bachelor Degree in secondary education and a Masters Degree in educational leadership and counseling. Cumberland also has a TESOL certificate (Teaching English to speakers of other languages). Cumberland has past experience in one on one tutoring and has fourteen years teaching and administration experience.

The Product

School is Easy offers more than the typical tutoring lesson; it has specific programs for different areas of learning and preparation and provides certified teachers as tutors. The tutors offer quality assistance with career, academic and personal goals consistently set in mind. The company focuses on home tutoring in all subject areas for grades 1-12. It also specializes in study skills, special education, French Immersion and ESL (English as a Second Language). The company has tutoring for some University
courses, SAT examinations preparations, challenging gifted programs and home schooling assistance.

The Industry

The tutoring is a consistent industry that is ever growing with more people attending university.
Global Industry Analysis, a US research firm, discovered that more parents are able to afford education for their kids and the global market is forecasted to grow 88 per cent by 2016. “The tutoring industry is booming and is driven by the Asian immigrant population coming to Canada. Asians come to Canada with a very strong academic work ethic and it’s causing the bar to be raised for University entrance,” explained
In 2009 Statistics Canada showed that 40 per cent of people aged 25 to 39 with at least one parent born outside of Canada, were University graduates, compared with 29 per cent of those with
two Canadian born parents. According to the Canadian Franchise Association, the number of tutoring
franchises has doubled since 2007. Susan assures that School is Easy provides a different experience and customer service. “We pride ourselves on integrity. We never try to sell more than the student needs. We have a pay as you go program,” explained Susan. “Every child’s learning is dynamic and depends on
many factors. Some students will be able to focus and succeed more quickly. Another student might have distractions in their life and might need more hours of tutoring.” What makes School is Easy Tutoring
unique is their drive to help others. They reach out to students within the community
to help them achieve goals and create a better situation for their clients. They also go above and beyond and give back to those less fortunate.
The Vancouver based company raised $500 in supplies for an orphanage in
Yang Dong County, China. Susan and her family visited the orphanage in July 2012 to personally delivers the supplies, while also providing assistance.

Becoming a Franchisee

“We are seeking outgoing, self motivated individuals who take ownership of their business and are accountable for their own outcomes. This person must beenergetic, ambitious and must have excellent
communication skills,” said Susan of who would fit School is Easy Tutoring’s franchisee profile.
Franchisees should have a background in education and obtain an understanding of marketing.
“Most important of all, they must have a passion for our brand and they must absolutely love to market the business. They must strive for excellent customer service. It is also helpful if the franchisee is optimistic, has realistic expectations, family support and has the financial ability to start up a business,” she continued. There is a low start up cost of $9,900 for a territory, which is currently only
within British Columbia. A territory covers an area with a population of 180- 220,000 people. A second territory costs $8,900 and third territory costs $7,900.
Franchisees should possess $25,000 in working capital and the company allows an investor to make money the moment they start tutorial assignments. The start up provides franchisees with exclusive territory, training, initial marketing materials, shared marketing initiatives, proprietary software, ongoing
business coaching, use of 1-877-ITSEASY phone number, 30 teacher packages, 30 student success guides, student information packages in 4 languages, website with SEO and SEM, as well as as a detailed operations manual. “We provide up to 20 hours of training at our corporate office. We provide
an in depth operations manual and most recently we have added a mandatory marketing accountability program,” said Susan. “In the beginning we will contact you every day, then every two days, then every three days and then finally once a week. You will need to report your mar-keting activities to us every week.”
There is also ongoing telephone and email business coaching and training available. Conference calls between franchisees are provided for owners to discuss their successes and strategies. School is Easy is a proven system with a brand name that is spreading fast. By becoming a franchisee, an investor is immediately associated with a well established name within the community.
Now that the franchise will begin growing across North America, the value of an investor’s business will start to increase.
Marketing strategies are provided and previous successes and challenges are shared with franchisees. The company tracks all of advertising and determines which marketing tactic is bringing in the most inquiries, and then communicates this information to franchisees. “You will need to report your marketing
activities to us every week. The most important lesson we have learned: A great system and service is of ‘no use’ if no one knows about it. Local marketing is the biggest and most important factor that will determine the number of registrations coming in. Then, a commitment to customer service will keep them coming back,” explained Susan.


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