Canadian Franchise

Buying Into the American Dream

In the world of franchising, Canada occupies a unique position.  Geographically, we share a common border with the U.S. franchise behemoth, as does Mexico, but Canadians are more like Americans than any other people on the planet.  This means that American franchise successes are more likely to be repeated in Canada than anywhere else.  With… Continue reading Buying Into the American Dream

Procrastination – it’s not all bad!

We are rapidly approaching yet another year’s end. As we approach the new year, we tend to think about new year resolutions and how we will make things better in our lives in the year ahead. Unfortunately, New Year resolutions are often well-meaning but not realistic and actionable. Even those that start well often run… Continue reading Procrastination – it’s not all bad!

Disclosure Document & Agreement

Disclosure Document Disclosure documents are a summary of information on the franchisor, its executive and the franchise agreements. The document is provided to the prospective franchisee in order that they may make a more fully informed business decision. In certain provinces in Canada and throughout the states, franchisors are required by law to provide a… Continue reading Disclosure Document & Agreement

Addressing the Labour Market in the Canadian Franchise Industry

  The Canadian franchise industry continues to be a committed and thriving sector that encompasses a diverse range of businesses. With franchises spanning various sectors such as food and beverage, retail, and services, the industry offers numerous employment opportunities, with one in 10 Canadians being employed, directly or indirectly.    Franchisees face staffing challenges in… Continue reading Addressing the Labour Market in the Canadian Franchise Industry

We all need to consider ESG

In today’s world, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) frameworks are key elements and considerations the business community needs to take to assist in addressing and positively contribute towards climate change.   We learn about corporate responsibilities and their sustainability efforts through a variety of ways; product advertising, consumer advocacy, and in both traditional and social… Continue reading We all need to consider ESG

A Comprehensive Guide: How to Pick the Ideal Commercial Range for Your Restaurant 

Ranges are an essential part of fully equipping your commercial kitchen operations, in both small and large restaurants. Their versatility of applications makes them an ideal choice for busy culinary staff serving high volumes of customers daily. Ultimately, choosing the appropriate range for your business is essential for maintaining the efficiency and profitability of your… Continue reading A Comprehensive Guide: How to Pick the Ideal Commercial Range for Your Restaurant 

Introduction to Franchising

Franchising first started with the licensing of Singer sewing machines in the1890’s. It became more predominant as a business growth strategy in the 1950’s. It has since evolved and continues to evolve with changes in technology and laws. It has become a part of every major industry and has proven its ability to grow brands… Continue reading Introduction to Franchising

Why Franchise Your Business?

Expanding your business through franchising is neither as hard or as easy as most people think.  Myths and misunderstandings about franchising are plentiful and potentially very, very dangerous.  It is not a “license to print money”, rather it is one of several distribution methods that businesses can employ to grow and prosper.  It is not… Continue reading Why Franchise Your Business?

How to Attract, Impress and Retain Customers

Building your business is not only about acquiring new customers. In fact, keeping your current customers happy should be high on your to-do list. If you want to really impress your customers, then you have to give them something more than they can get at your competition. Though big promotions may draw customers initially, it… Continue reading How to Attract, Impress and Retain Customers

Harnessing AI To Enhance Your Franchise Business

Edwar(Ned) Levitt & Richard Schuett

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming business. Sophisticated franchises are using it to create efficiencies and drive growth.   Businesses are using AI more than ever before. In a recent workplace survey of 13,000 people across 18 countries, 50% of respondents said their company was using AI – up from 22% just five years ago. Businesses… Continue reading Harnessing AI To Enhance Your Franchise Business