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Canadian Franchise the Magazine for FranchiseesCanadian Franchise Magazine is a digital publication bringing you latest news, expert advice, and franchising information from coast to coast. Written for franchisees, Canadian Franchise Magazine is a valuable resource for legal and financial advice, marketing and business information, as well as franchise profiles and in-depth features. With a multi-media approach and globally diversified business franchise products, we are a mainstay for the franchisee who seeks reliable, timely and available information 24/7 in downloadable format. Our print and electronic magazine versions, such as our mobile App, offer flexibility for any advertiser reaching its niche market of potential franchisees.

Our editorial is written by top experts throughout the franchise network, offering informative and timely content that is franchisee specific. Our Editor selectively commissions writers (bankers, lawyers, financial and business advisers, government authorities, retail and franchising associations) to provide fresh articles that are directed to the interests and concerns of potential franchisees and master franchisees alike. Each issue houses real stories, as well as features like Franchisee in Action, Franchisor in Depth, and the Latest News from the industry offering compelling perspectives. We also offer franchise-specific features every issue. Plus, our ever popular Veterans in Franchising supplement, first introduced in our Franchising USA magazine, is now available in Canadian Franchise Magazine as well. This supplement covers topics around veterans and franchising, such as profiles of successful franchisees who have made the leap from military to entrepreneurship, and expert advice on how to succeed and where to look. Our entire magazine layout offers a unique and uncluttered approach in delivering pertinent trade information.

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Canadian Franchise Magazine CGB Publishing LogoCanadian Franchise Magazine is published by CGB Publishing, a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA) and the biggest publisher of franchising publications globally. Publications include: Franchising USA, Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand, Canadian Franchise, The Franchisor, The Franchise Guide, and Business Franchise Directory. CGB Publishing has over 30 years of experience in providing high quality business information and advice, with a strong focus in the franchising industry, and has been a leading publisher of business publications and leisure magazines across America, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

CGB Publishing understands the importance of franchising and its powerful influence to recharge the Canadian economy and empower dedicated entrepreneurs looking to start up their own successful business franchise. Today, more individuals are looking for ways to become empowered, educated and informed on this important initiative. Our background of working with seasoned experts means we know franchising and we do it well.

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CGB Publishing offers localised franchising news and advice around the world. Click the flags for country-specific information.

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