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Canadian Franchise Association Announces Winners of Special Hall of Fame Award for 2020

In light of recent global events and their impact on the Canadian franchise community, the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is pleased to announce the presentation of a Special Hall of Fame Award to all CFA member franchise systems and brands.

Part of the CFA’s Recognition Awards program, the CFA Hall of Fame Award is normally presented to a singular CFA member franchise company each year in recognition for outstanding performance. Winners typically have strong brand recognition and solid business performance. They exhibit leadership in the franchise community, including helping to encourage excellence in franchising through the sharing of best practices, speaking engagements, mentoring other members of the community, and raising the profile of franchising.

This year’s Special Hall of Fame Award is being presented to CFA member franchise companies in recognition of their outstanding performance and contribution to the CFA member community during COVID-19. All CFA members have demonstrated extraordinary:

  • Leadership within their systems, whether through innovations with their business model and/or through leading their teams through difficult times;
  • Generosity of spirit and time in sharing knowledge and their experiences through participation in CFA webinars, articles, virtual events, and organic peer-to-peer mentoring to help other members of the CFA community;
  • Participating and engagement in CFA government advocacy and media activities to raise the profile of franchising in the country.

“At its core, franchising is about people helping other people achieve their goals through collaboration and mutual support and throughout COVID-19, we have seen franchising’s strength shine brightly through our members,” said Sherry McNeil, CFA President & CEO. “Our members have been working extremely hard to support their franchisees. They have also been extraordinary in helping other companies in the CFA community through leadership, sharing of best practices, and organic peer-to-peer mentorship. We congratulate all of our member franchise systems, who have been remarkable and deserve to be recognized for their outstanding performance through recent times.”

The Special Hall of Fame Award was presented by video and shared on social media the week of June 29, 2020. The CFA adapted its awards program to a video format as a result of COVID-19 physical distancing regulations.