Canadian Franchise


BeaverTails, makers of iconic whole-wheat BeaverTails® pastries, today announced the opening of its 100th store location at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio.

BeaverTails pastries are a unique and delicious treat, hand-stretched to resemble the tail of a beaver. Floatcooked on high quality canola oil, BeaverTails pastries are served hot and topped with 10 different options, including ‘Classic Cinnamon & Sugar’ and ‘Triple Trip’ (chocolate hazelnut spread, Reese’s® Pieces and peanut butter) – to satisfy indulgences of all tastes.

Based on an old family recipe and first sold from a small kiosk in Ottawa in 1978, the popularity of BeaverTails pastries has grown tremendously. Today, BeaverTails locations are found in eight Canadian provinces. US locations are in Farmington, Utah; Wildwood, New Jersey and Sandusky, Ohio. International locations are in Japan, South Korea and

“We are very proud to announce the opening of our 100th location at Cedar Point – the second oldest amusement park on the continent,” says Pino Di Ioia, CEO, BeaverTails Group of Companies. “From our roots in eastern Canada, we have expanded considerably. In the US, we are focusing on placing stores within leading tourist and leisure destinations – including Lagoon Amusement Park in Utah, Morey’s Piers in New Jersey and, of course, Cedar Point. Our research and experience tells us that operating within premiere destinations is one of the best ways to accelerate awareness of the BeaverTails brand. We are fortunate to possess a proven concept and a robust business case. As we continue our expansion, we are interested in speaking with passionate people with expertise in the tourism and leisure industries. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on the BeaverTails team. Our success is certainly a team effort.”

“Cedar Point is home to a wide variety of dining options, and we’re very happy that BeaverTails has joined our extensive food lineup,” continues Chris Miller, vice president of food & beverage at Cedar Point. “BeaverTails pastries are a delicious and distinctive treat. Based on what we’ve seen so far, we expect to serve a very large number of BeaverTails pastries to our guests this season.”