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Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa Shows Exceptional Growth to be Continued in 2014 As Canadians continue to invest in healthy lifestyles, Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spas (Hand & Stone), one of
the fastest growing spa franchises, continues to enjoy immense success. With an additional two locations opened in 2013 and overall growth of the system up 92% from the previous year, Hand & Stone is
poised for an incredible 2014.

“The growth that Hand & Stone has seen this past year is a clear indication that this is a thriving concept and necessary service in Canada,” said Gigi Harding, CEO of Hand & Stone Canada. “Our goal is to open another seven locations in 2014 (the first opening downtown Toronto May 26th) with an additional
seven franchisees signed on. This trend of growth is exactly what we envisioned

when Hand & Stone came to Canada and it is giving tremendous opportunities to the communities we enter.”
“The scope of franchising in Canada has changed so much over the past few years which is leading to an immense amount of growth opportunities,” said Gigi Harding. “There is a real need for the services of Hand & Stone throughout Canada and we have high expectations that we’ll be able to satisfy the needs of
the communities we service.”