Interface Financial Group

Interface Franchisees provide short term working capital to their clients. Their clients are small and medium sized businesses that are growing rapidly and in many cases are unable to access growth capital through conventional channels. The Interface approach is to accelerate their cash flow through a system of discounting individual invoices and thus providing instant cash for the client companies. The Interface approach is one of purchasing assets, the asset being the account receivable of the client evidenced by their invoices. Interface franchisees do not under any circumstances ever lend money. This is a high return and home based franchise.

About the Business
Year Founded: 1972
Started Franchising: 1990

Franchise Costs
Franchise Fee: $39,000
Cash Investment: Start-up expenses approx $5,500

Contact Details
Contact: David T. Banfield
Address: 180 Renfrew Drive, Suite 245, Markham, Ontario, L3R 9Z2
Phone: 1-800-387-0860
Fax: 1-289-806-1488
Website: or

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